You and I usually share one opinion.

I'm not wearing that dress.


Dana wasn't contributing.

He is around sixty years old.

They call me lairy Tandy.

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Do you really think anything will change?

I wish I could tell you who that is.

Can you quote me a price for the house?

This bolt fits this nut.

Amy searched in his pocket.

Information about nutrition is available on most packaged foods.

You won't find a better job in a hurry.

Can you show me?

Today my son turns four years old.

He's still waiting on her.

Manolis will be able to answer your question.

Did you speak to them?

That is essential.


I've got a 38.9 degree fever.

He was to have called her up, but he forgot.

Danger ahead.

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I'm just a little confused.

Peter is so mean to you.

Turkeer was a child prodigy.

I was surprised when I saw you guys kissing.

I stressed the point.

I know how hard you work.

Nicolas is the best man in his field.

Claude used to write songs.

Our life depends largely on oil imported from other countries.


I know that most people here don't like me very much.


Marika looks like an Asian girl. Isn't she a Saami by any chance?

This winter we experienced many rainstorms.

I don't want you seeing Tolerant anymore.

He will be delighted to see you.

You see the girl at the back? I'd watch out for her.


Emily has been learning German for five years.

He was more or less drunk.

Our teacher told us what to read.

I'm not going to do anything you don't want me to.

He is quite a character.

A family is the smallest unit of society.

Jay asked Jackye to behave herself.

He stayed at the hotel for two days.

We are going to leave tomorrow.

He's studying now.

I found out we were all alike.

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Victims have the right to be compensated for their damages.


It's already taken care of.


Cut Lorien some slack.

I had written the letter when he came.

I'll let you get on with your things.

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This situation seemed hopeless.

I was wondering when you'd be back.

This novel exercised a great influence on young people.


The horse does not just represent energy, high spirits, prosperity, development, but also stands for a national spirit of struggling on without stopping, and of striving on without giving up.

Are we going by car or by taxi?

I really feel at one with nature.


I said that wasn't what I meant.

Wolf had the gall to ignore my advice.

Our hens laid a lot of eggs yesterday.

She thinks I'm a stupid drunk.

We weren't doing anything wrong.

To tell the truth, I don't like his way of thinking.

Joyce didn't miss his watch until he got home.

He can't endure my selfishness any more.

He adapted himself to his new life.

I saw Calvin talking on the phone.

I thought you were planning to be here earlier.


He was a bookkeeper.

Would you like bacon or sausage?

The dog was chained in the backyard.

She met him this morning.

Grandmother died, leaving the whole family stunned.

I know you like me.

I had a man build me a house.

He loves him.

I am looking for a job with the Cultural Minister of France.

It annoys me if you speak your American English without opening your mouth.

I find her opinions odd but interesting.

I am terribly afraid of snakes.

I've let them down.

And then came creeping over her face and eyes flies without wings; she winked and blinked, but they could not fly away, for their wings had been pulled off; this, added to the hunger she felt, was horrible torture.

I can't remember either.

I was kidnapped when I was twelve years old.

Bernie had a strange look on her face.

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He is above all others in originality.

It was confidential.

Marvin wasn't paying attention in class.


In each of us there lies a dormant superhuman.

He danced while naked.

We tell each other everything.

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How much did you cut off?

Hunter taught at Harvard for thirteen years.

Keep an eye on my bag for a while.

You shouldn't have called me.

Could you please expand the topic?


Laurent is having dinner.

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Brandi and I are drinking buddies.


Why don't you ask him directly?

The various modes of worship which prevailed in the Roman world were all considered by the people as equally true; by the philosopher as equally false; and by the magistrate as equally useful. And thus toleration produced not only mutual indulgence, but even religious concord.

My house is north of the city.

Fortunately Andrew felt the same way as did Case.

Where will you be on January 1st, 2016?

He became temporarily deranged.

You must tell them the truth.

The audience appeared bored.

I've no friend to talk to about my problems.

I didn't understand the purpose of the question at all.

I don't pull them by their hair.

I do not know any of them.

I want to get better at guitar.

It's not safe in the city centre after midnight on weekends because of all the drunks roaming the streets.

Methinks the Lady protesteth too much!


He went about the store looking for something to buy.


And actually, it was simple!

You're cantankerous.

I have to be honest. I was a little bit nervous the first time I had an MRI scan.

He succeeded.

She was on the high wire.

Hillary didn't let me finish what I was saying.

We don't have the same values.


Apart from you, we are all poor.


It's not safe to walk the streets after dark.

The number of students is decreasing year by year.

I guess there's no harm in telling you.


Have you packed your books yet?

Did Nicolas look like he was busy?

Vadim has stopped coming to school.

Kemal is more intelligent than Izchak.

I am naked!

The mother laid her baby on the bed.

I can teach you how to fool people.


I wonder if I can add a sentence.

The Socialist Party only got 18% of the votes.

Don't you remember Julia?

In such cases, adults should not scold them instantly, but be patient with them, considering their mental growth.

I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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Srinivas couldn't be contacted yesterday.

This wasn't your fault.

I don't call this a spider; I would call it a monster.

If you are a student, behave as such.

They don't want us to know.

This is only known by Obama.

I'm aware that you failed.

The quiet cat caught the mouse.

She stumbled over a wheelbarrow.


They contacted the station staff but the man had left the area and gone out through the ticket barrier.


He made a mistake on purpose.

It's very easy to use.

I had a terrible experience.

Smoking is a danger to your health.

His grandfather used to say to him: "Daren, you're good for nothing."

I met a friend while I was waiting for a bus.

Fish and red wine don't go well together.

Will you please connect me with Mr Smith?

I met him the day before.

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He selected a pair of socks to match his suit.

Carter is drunk again.

I always try.

Pieter is not a lazy boy. As a matter of fact, he works hard.

I want to help her, but I don't know how.

I'd prefer to see it.

Suddenly, the crowd fell silent.

Barry is too young to go there by himself.

She sang softly.

He's wearing a white cotton shirt.

I can't come with Johnny

They took him to the hospital for his fever.

She didn't have anything else to buy, so she left the store.