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ProGuard® is an entirely new approach to custom fit audio products; our aim is to completely simplify the process of buying custom-fit earplugs and other custom in-ear products, this site should answer any question or concerns that you may have: if you need more information feel free to call us. We have real humans that answer the phone… 

ProGuard has now evolved into series of new custom  fit products devoted to protecting or enhancing the user within their own sound environment. Each one catering for a different style of user, there are thirteen variants of ProGuard each individual one unique in its own way. The full custom ProGuard range is here

Now available from ProGuard an increasing selection of generic earplugs including our extremely popular Noizezz range, the Lin-Ear and Ultra Lin-Ear products designed for musicians, DJs, concertgoers and now available our new BikerPlugz and ShooterPlugz

ProGuard hearing protection products are manufactured to the highest standards and have been independently tested to conform to the European noise regulations EN352-2.   Manufactured from medical grade non-allergenic silicon compounds, your ProGuard will be matched exactly to your own personal requirement in our laboratory, the resultant product will be of the highest possible integrity and gives years of use.

Our best selling 6152789296 simple and easy to make by yourself at home. A budget custom fit solution, just follow the instructions provided or (250) 286-9650.

If your hearing is damaged, it is an irreversible life-changing progression. Prevention as we all know is better than cure which is where we at ProGuard come in.