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Selling is Not an Unskilled Occupation

Sales Training International’s skills-based sales training courses online for beginners and advanced sales professionals, are uniquely designed to serve our clients who sell solutions to their customers’ problems in highly competitive markets.

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Sales courses (See Course Descriptions):

  1. Methodical Selling Skills (*cost saving bundle of courses)
  2. Strategic Sales Plan: Why Sales Fail and How Wins are Won (missing steps cause objections)
  3. Profile and Qualify Sales Prospects (who decides and what do they decide?)
  4. Competitor Analysis (know the objections you'll get and how to neutralize them. Know your Unique Selling Points)
  5. Features - Advantages - Benefits (the persuasive language of selling)
  6. FAB-TEA Value Selling Model (prevent price objections & get the customer to rule out the competition)
  7. Telephone Cold Calling with Voicemail Strategies (prevent initial contact objections)
  8. Objection Free Selling: How to PREVENT, PREEMPT, and RESPOND to Every Sales Objection You Get (missing Buyer Beliefs cause the objections you get)
  9. *Reseller Strategy (how to get your resellers to pull your products/services out of the bag first *not in bundle)

Our courses:

  • Provide observable & measurable skills - view client quotes
  • Have tests at the end of each module demonstrate knowledge gained
  • Include skills observation Job Aids demonstrate transfer of knowledge and skill back on the job
  • Are interactive, engaging and easy to navigate

Special Resources:

Career Advancement Through Skill Development

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